Upcoming Projects

What is next? (Future Proposal)

The board members of G3O headed by H.E. Nurbu Tsewang Rinpoche (Vice-chairman), Dr. Dorjay (Director), Dr. Paldan & Dr. Stanzin Namgail visited different sites for the proposed plantation drive in the coming year (2023). The team carried out the visit from 5th-8thAugust, 2022. After a thorough discussion with His Holiness, the following projects have been proposed in the coming year of 2023.

Shayok (Fruit orchard)

  • Located at: 3690 mtr. in Durbuk block, Lalok (Changthang).
  • Area of the proposed site: More than 5 Kanals.
  • Challenges: Need to work on irrigation channels and ground leveling.
  • Water head: around 30 mtr.
  • Community expectations: Variety of fruit plantation at the site.
Proposed site of Shayok

Nubra Valley (Himalayan Botanical Garden)

  • Located at: Nubra valley.
  • Area of the proposed site: to be decided.
Proposed site at  Nubra Valley

Takmachik (Fruit Orchard, specially white seed apricot)

  • Located at: 2974 mtr. in Sham region of Ladakh.
  • Area of the proposed site: More than 10 Kanals (Monastery land).
  • Challenges: Need to work on irrigation channels and walling. The immediate need is to install water lifting pump at the site.
  • Water head: around 700 mtr.
  • Community expectations: Plantations of fruit trees at the site.
Proposed site at Takmachik

Phobrang (Medicinal Plants)

  • Located at: 4300 mtr. in Lalok (Changthang).
  • Area of the proposed site: Around 30 kannals.
  • Challenges: A study needs to be conducted to research the possibility of cultivating medicinal plants in the region.
Proposed site at Phobrang

Nyoma (Plantation Drive)

  • Located at: 4233 mtr. in Nyoma region (Changthang).
  • Proposed area: More than 10 kanals, near by the monastery.
  • Challenges: Need to work on irrigation channels and walling.
  • Water head: around 1km (but a temporary channel).
  • Community expectations: around 10,000 plantations at the site. They also requested to provide sapling for the household level plantation.
  • Possibilities of plantation: Willow, poplar, Yumbu, Sea-buckthorn and vegetable.
Proposed site at Nyoma

Koyul (Plantation Drive)

  • Located at: 4215 mtr. in Nyoma region (Changthang).
  • Proposed area: More than 20 Kanals.
  • Challenges: Need to work on irrigation channels and walling. There is also need to installation of bore-well as well.
  • Water head: around 1km.
  • Community expectations: Plantations at the site. To provide JCB for the construction of channel and walling.
  • Possibilities of plantation: Yarpa, Malchang, Dokchang, Yumbu & Sea-buckthorn.
Proposed site of Shayok

Turtuk (Nubra Valley)

  • Location: Nubra Valley at LOC.
  • Challenges: Need to identify the location.
  • Possibilities: Fruit trees and sea buckthorn.
Proposed site of Shayok

Dong (Wild-Yak)This will generate and provide the Nomads with occupational oppurtunities.

His Holiness Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang Rinpoche has introduced an initiative in domestic Yak preservation to encourage Nomad community to find work opportunities within their traditional system and in the places of their residence. He has distributed (free of cost) male and female hybrid animals, wild-Yak/rDong (Bos mutus) and domesticated Yak (Bos grunniens), bought from Pangong valley.

Dong Hybrid Yak

The primary objective of the initiative is to spread stronger and healthier genetic breeds of the Wild Yak in the valley. His Holiness also plans to spread this breed of Yak to the other side of Changthang on the LAC in Ladakh, and even to other parts of the world like Sikkim and Bhutan in the coming years.

Indian (Himalayan) Cattle Breed Cows

To enhance production of dairy milk and milk products, G3O is proposing introduction of Indian cattle breeds (or A2 milk producing non-Jersey cows) from Himachal. His Holiness having realized the dangers posed by consuming milk and milk products of Jersey cows ( increases the risk of heart disease, might cause autism and Schizophrenia). This intervention will not only generate jobs but also ensure healthier living for the residents of Ladakh.